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Why certified teacher is good for your child?

Teaching is the noblest of all professions. However, only a certified teacher can provide quality education to your child. Furthermore, modern education is competency-based. In other words, rote memorization is obsolete now. What your child needs are skills. That’s exactly what a TCP-certified teacher is trained to do.

Indeed, teachers’ certification is not a new concept. Based on facts and figures, almost all the countries of the world required their teachers to get certification before starting to teach. Pakistan has been one of the few countries where certification was not available. Therefore, teachers were not required to get any sort of certification.

We have good news for Parents!

A world-class teacher certification is now available in Pakistan. This certification covers all the teaching skills required to meet the international standards of education. Next time you look for a quality school for your child, ask the principal: Are your teachers certified? Can I see their TCP certificates?

To conclude: admit your child to a school where only certified teachers are allowed to teach. That way you make sure that your child’s quality of education is the best in the world.

Find out the best schools with TCP certificates.

Finding a school with certified teachers is easy. Just visit the school list of schools with certified teachers on this website. Undoubtedly, the higher the number of certified teachers in a school, the better the standard of education you will see in that institution.

In case, you don’t find a school with certified teachers near you, visit a school near you and request them to enroll their teachers with TCP. Tell them that TCP training is free. However, there are Rs 500 charges only, if a teacher wishes to get an international standard certification at the end of the training program. Motivate the school leadership to get their teachers certified as it will improve the standard of education in their school.

Moreover, assure the administration of the school that you will spread the good word about the school once they have certified teachers in their school.

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