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Is TCP a Good School Advertisement?

For the first time in Pakistan, we are offering a user-friendly App to certify your teachers FREE of cost. With TCP, you can qualify your teachers according to international standards. TCP is the best school advertisement that makes your school valuable.

TCP’s Benefits to Schools

  1. You will find your school name on the TCP website
  2. We will run a public awareness campaign to inform parents about the importance of TCP
  3. We shall hold the TCP awarding ceremonies in various cities in Pakistan, with media coverage
  4. Create more value and more worth for your school
  5. Parents will trust your school
  6. Your students will become high achievers

How can Schools Promote themselves with TCP?

  1. Hold a school-level ceremony to award TCP certificates to your teachers
  2. To this ceremony,
  • you can invite local opinion leaders and parents
  • you can invite media for school advertisement
  • aware of the difference between a certified teacher and non-certified teacher

The importance

If you are a responsible educationist by making sure your teachers are qualified enough to teach then parents will believe in your school’s credibility. It’s important to train teachers according to international standards that TCP truly ensures.

Furthermore, together TCP and your school can give the children of Pakistan the education they deserve. They can become high achievers and become successful. With the help of TCP, they shall develop critical, creative, social, mathematical, scientific, and language skills. All of which are mandatory to make them extraordinary learners in the 21st century.

Moreover, start TCP today to build the school of tomorrow. In addition, it’s the perfect school advertisement that will show 100% accurate results to parents and society.

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